Uzair Ahmed

Growth-focused Business Automation Specialist with a proven track record of automating systems, driving revenue and scaling up teams.


Transformed a struggling business and increased top line by 82% through a combination of business process outsourcing & workflow automation

Built and managed a high-performing sales team which secured over $2.7 million in fleet revenue through a combination of door knocking, cold outreach, and strategic partnerships in 18 months.

Led the development and implementation of a custom CRM/ERP system, resulting in a 200% increase in efficiency and a 400% increase in customer satisfaction, unlocking a new business model that was previously not possible.

Automation Artisan

I have a unique perspective on how automation can drive growth while maintaining the human touch. With over ten years of experience in sales, operations, and technology deployment & integration, I have a proven track record of delivering results.

Much like a carpenter with a toolbox full of thousands of tools, each one specifically designed to make the job of driving growth and efficiency easier.My toolbox includes 1500+ tools including


I connect the dots between the business goals and the technology that can help them get there.

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